18 January 2018, Thursday, 8:54

Journalists detained for a photo of Latushka


The administration of Minsk’s club Center use threats demanding to delete the pictures of the Belarusian ambassador to France.

A journalist Alena Yakzhyk told about the incident.

A concert of the Bez Bileta band was taking place in the club Center, located in October Square under the Palace of Republic, on 1 December. The journalist had an accreditation for this event, Salidarnasc reports.

At one of the tables, located at the perimeter of the hall closer to the stage, there was the former Minister of Culture and now the ambassador of Belarus to France Pavel Latushka observing the concert.

The journalist asked the photographer to take a picture of the former minister.

After that they faced problems.

The photographer was taken out by the security in roughly ten minutes. It turned out later that the photographer managed to give the camera to his acquaintances before being led out. The club’s officials wanted to know why he took pictures of the high guest, for whom and where the camera was.

Later Alena Yakzhyk was detained in the lobby.

Their main demands were to deliver the camera and delete the pictures as “the guest did not want for them to go to media” and to promise that these shots would not be published.

The absurd nature of the situation was in that there were more than a hundred of people in the audience, most of which were filming and could take photos of Latushka in the way he would never notice. And they could immediately post the pictures on social networks.

Alena Yankzhyk said that she was a journalist and the club’s representatives were preventing her from practicing her profession and doing arbitrariness. He reminded that Latushka was a public person in a public place. The responses were “Do not use these journalistic thing on us”, “You do not have a right to take pictures at all” and alike. Also covert insults and threats were voiced.

It was almost immediately said that until the camera was delivered and the shots with Latushka deleted the journalists would not be let out of the club.

The detained were released only after the ambassador himself appeared nearby on his way out. The journalist addressed him and asked for the reasons of her detention.