19 January 2018, Friday, 14:15

Political prisoner Frantskevich released from disciplinary cell

He was transferred to a disciplinary cell for the second time “failure to obey orders of prison staff”.

A lawyer visited Alyaksandr Frantskevich in Volchy Nory penal colony in Ivatsevichy on Monday. Tatyana Frantskevich, the mother of the political prisoner, told charter97.org that Alyaksandr felt fine after the release from the disciplinary cell:

“He was in the disciplinary cell from November 20 to November 30. He was thrown there for ten days for alleged failure to obey orders of the prison staff. The lawyer was not told the details. He is in a good mood. Staying in the disciplinary wasn't very difficult.”

Tatyana Frantskevich says she was promised that her son would call her, but the promise wasn't fulfilled:

“They promised a telephone call. I visited the penal colony with the lawyer, but I wasn't allowed to see my son. A prison officer said to me not to worry and added my son would call me. I returned home. Two days already passed, but I hasn't had a phone call. I think they don't allow him to phone.”

Alyaksandr Frantskevich was sentenced to three-year imprisonment in May 2011. He serves his sentence in medium security penal colony Volchy Nory in Ivatsevichy. Human rights activists recognize him political prisoner and demand to release him immediately.