22 January 2018, Monday, 9:10

Gaidukou: My case can get absurdly falsified


The mother of the arrested activist received a letter from him.

She told about that in an interview to Radio Racyja. The letter that Volga Gaidukova received was written by her son already after he had been transferred to Vitebsk. His earlier letter sent from the KBG prison in Minsk never made it to her.

“The letter was written in the 10 days period when he was taken to Vitabsk and he communicated with no one. That is probably why he is in such a mirthless mood. I will just quote from the letter: “I have reasons to think that the case can be falsified up to the absurd. By 29 November I saw a lawyer only during the questionings, I am asking you to find me a lawyer and take the case under control. Long live Belarus”, - she said.

According to Volga Gaidukova the latest meeting of her son with a lawyer took place the other day on 3 December. His mood has improved to the best. “He looks well and holds on well”, - she says. Although at the beginning of the conversation Andrei Gaidukou expressed the concern that they forgot about him outside the prison.

Volga Gaidukova intends to fulfill the son’s request and sign a contract with a new lawyer.

The mother herself was refused to meet her son. But it is not ruled out that a meeting will be allowed at the end of the investigation.

We would remind that Andrei Gaidukou was detained on 8 November in Vitebsk. As the FGB stated, this happened at the moment when he was putting the information of political and economic nature in a hiding place for foreign special services. Gaidukou is being accused of a state treason in a form of agent’s activities. The civic campaign European Belarus stated that the activist was detained for disseminating Charter’97 newspapers.