17 January 2018, Wednesday, 6:05

National Bolshevik questioned because of explosion at Lithuanian embassy

Policemen from Minsk Moscow district’s police department came to Dzmitry Siniak in the evening on 6 December because of the attack on the Lithuanian embassy in Minsk.

They took a test of his saliva and asked where the activist had been in the day of the explosion, what he had been doing and a member of what organizations he was, Radio Svaboda reports.

“I think they needed that for appearances' sake. They just needed that”, - Dzmitry Siniak said.

We would remind that a month ago on 6 November two bottles of incendiary mixture – so-called Molotoff cocktail – were thrown at the territory of the Lithuanian embassy in Minsk. The Lithuanian policemen, who were watching the building, quickly put the fire off.

The head of the Lithuania MFA Audronius Ažubalis and the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Lithuanian parliament Emanuelis Zingeris called this incident a terroristic attack against the Lithuanian diplomatic mission

According to the Investigatory Committee of Belarus, “a criminal case was filed according to the article 39 part 2 – hooliganism by a group of people. Further investigatory activities are being carried out”.

Policemen already visited the anarchists who were witnesses and suspects on the 2010 case of an attack on the embassy of Russia. They were also questioned about the incident at the territory of the Lithuanian embassy.