26 April 2019, Friday, 11:49
For our and your freedom!

Hysteria among Lukashenka’s supporters (Photo)


Employees of the Belarusian embassy in London attacked “teddy bears”.

We remind that teddy bears have been brought to Belarus’ embassy in London for one week already in order to symbolize the action of sustain of freedom of speech in Belarus by Swedish human rights activists, and show support for everyone who has been arrested related to the action. Every day a new teddy bear arrives. The organizers of the London action told charter97.org that today employees of the Belarusian embassy had a nervous break-down.

“As usual, we came and arranged the teddy bears. They were seven by then. The moment when we took our cameras, we heard someone approaching from behind. It was an employee from the embassy. He rushed to us, tried to take the cameras. He even threatened with the Belarusian Criminal Code. It was quite silly, since we were in Britain. Eventually he said that if we come again we’d have problems, and then he left”, the organizers said.

What lies behind this reaction from the Belarusian embassy employees?

“Lukashists (Lukashenka’s supporters – charter97.org) probably are hysterical because the Belarusian dictator hasn’t been given a British visa to go to London for the Olympics. And the teddy bears remind them about the flop of the Belarusian anti-aircraft warfare that missed the Swedish airplane flying over Belarus,” the organizers told charter97.org.