16 January 2018, Tuesday, 10:46

Appeals of the oppositionist Ivan Shila do not receive even formal replies


The member of “Young front” for more than six months appeals against inhumane treatment in prison on Akrestsin Street.

In early March, the young man filed a complaint to the Prosecutor's Office in Minsk about the following violations: a complete lack of furniture in the cell; low temperature in the cell and the lack of ventilation; the total absence of bed and bedding; poor sanitary and hygiene conditions in the cell, humiliating human dignity; insufficient lighting; ban of all food parcels; inability to get drinking water; lack of proper medical care and other, reports protivpytok.org.

After receiving the response from the prosecutor's office in Minsk, he appealed to the General Prosecutor's Office. But Ivan Shyla has not received an answer from there in time and in May filed a complaint about the inaction of the prosecutor's office to the Central district court of Minsk. By law, the claim should be reviewed within two months, but after two and a half months the court didn’t send an answer.

Although the Court in today's Belarus does not seem to serve even a decorative function, Ivan Shyla intends to continue to fight for their rights. He is also ready for appeals to the international court after trying all the internal mechanisms of protection.

"The refusal of the court to consider the complaints of inactivity on the prosecutor’s office in time is basically a denial of justice. I understand that this category of cases is extremely rare in the judicial system; judges do not have enough experience and sometimes do not know what to do - to initiate a criminal case of not. The same situation was observed with "Travel ban" citizens pattern and only complaints forced the judges to consider these cases and change the difference", - said the expert of the initiative "Human rights activists against torture" Leanid Sudalenka.