19 January 2018, Friday, 6:35

Another independent journalist was summoned to the Prosecutor's office


More than 10 independent journalists received verbal and written notices from prosecutor office and KGB in 2012.

It turned out that prosecutors appeared to be interested in a publication of the journalist of "Volnaye Hlybokae" Canstantine Shital: "Jaraslau Berniakovich offered help to supporters of the boycott". The publication was placed on a regional site westki.info on July 27. In it, in particular, Mr. Berniakovich proposed the politicians, who call for the boycott, to concentrate their efforts in the area of Dokshitsy district # 22. And to those who agree to organize the boycott campaign there he proposed to use his office and all office equipment, reports "Radio Svaboda".

At first, the hero of the publication, an activist of the campaign "Speak the truth" Jaraslau Berniakovich outlined his proposals to the supporters of the idea of the boycott on his page on Facebook, and this has interested the journalist.

Canstantsine Shital refused to give explanations about the publication, referring to the Article 27 of the Constitution, which allows citizens not to incriminate themselves and their relatives.

Recall, today it became known that a journalist of "Radio Racyja" Gennady Barbarich has received a subpoena to the prosecutor's office, issued yesterday. During the current year, a number of independent journalists received prosecutorial warnings, and in June the Investigative Committee of Belarus officially announced the beginning of the check-up of all “Belsat” activities.