23 January 2018, Tuesday, 15:02

Anton Suryapin: Greetings from the "stubborn" son!

Parents of the arrested journalist have received another letter.

Parents of Anton Suryapin, arrested for pictures of "Teddy Troopers", received a long-waited letter of four pages from the son. In the letter Anton thanks colleagues for their support and encourages the family. This letter was the second since his arrest, reports "Radio Svaboda".

"He writes that he's all right, thanks for support - he feels everything. He saw himself on TV on Sunday and said that, say, you're my mother, you know, that it is early to judge me. And he drew a smile - it is a sign that he was in a good mood, so that we, the relatives, would not be particularly nervous and worried. He wrote: don't drink too much valerian. He gave us the account number where one can send the money - it means that they can buy there something for themselves, as far as I understood. He also gave the address where one can send a telegram. He writes that he hopes that will be home soon. Also wrote: "my mother, father - I send you greetings from the "stubborn" son". So, he's not broken, does not lose heart and is in good mood", - said the father of political prisoner Andrey Suryapin.

Elena Suryapina says that she immediately sent a telegram and a letter to Anton to support her son.

"I sent a telegram right that evening: Hold on, hold on - we are with you. And then I wrote the letter, that everyone is holding and supporting him, that soon all this madness will end, that I worry for the institute, because September is coming. And, of course, that we are waiting for him.  This gave a little bit of serenity, at least for a weekend, if it will end that he will not be released", - shared her thoughts the mother of prisoner of the KGB prison.

Recall, on July 4, Belarusian border, unnoticed by Belarusian Air Defense system, was crossed by a light Swedish airplane. Over the outskirts of Minsk, and the city of Ivyanets the pilots dropped teddy bears with placards in support of freedom of speech in Belarus. Until July 26 Belarusian authorities didn't recognize the fact of the flight, stating that "the check is going on". Meanwhile, photographer Anton Suryapin that posted pictures of teddy bears, found near Ivyanets city, in the Internet and Sergei Basharimov, a realtor who rented out an apartment  in Minsk to the Swedes were detained. On 7 August they were accused of aiding and abetting illegal border crossing, political prisoners face up to seven years in prison.