26 September 2017, Tuesday, 12:14

To be called humans


Amicably and fun the peloton of "candidates who are coming to the end" rolls to the finish line of “kinda” parliamentary “somewhere” elections.

Who are these "knights without fear and reproach," who, boldly ignoring public opinion and going contrary to the majority of Belarusians, support the boycott?

Naturally, this includes everything from the "list of the authorities", because they have nothing to lose, but they could get a pension of about eight and a half million rubles, five times greater than a simple engineer, doctor, teacher, fitter or turner can have. Well they will have to push the cherished button with the word "in favor", even they will want to push "against".

These "people from the earth" are being completed by the participants with a more delicate mental organization. Those under the wise guidance of their teacher, political consultant, also go to the end, telling people about some "truth". However, there is nothing to say, they do it professionally and with talent. These activists of motion could really get rid of those parasites on top of their activity. Then yes, then everything would be OK.

Not at last roles in this "parliamentary" race are the candidates of the party of Yanukevich. Those, too, are preparing for the finishing spurt by inscribing slogans on T-shirts - "Done with Russia!", somehow forgetting that, even if this are pseudo election, that this is our native house of representatives; the Parliament is appointed by our own, local authority, and not the Kremlin ! Yes, they give loans for the country's economy, but the IMF was also giving similar loans. Yes, the Belarusian army is armed by Russians, but Europeans taught and arm the Belarusian Interior Ministry.

What then is the difference? Sanctions? But did they release our comrade, political prisoners, from jails? And Dmitry Bandarenka is totally right, when he blames the opposition "which goes to the end": "The new term for Dashkevich outweighs all demagogic arguments about the need to inform about all this party super agendas to the public. I am sure that, if at the same time with the leave of all European ambassadors opposition structures would announce their decision not to participate in the "elections", then all the political prisoners would be freed long ago. Sometimes reasonable pause is more appropriate than stupid actions in a hurry. Now is exactly the same case."

Maybe you and I will use this advice of not a stupid man, who fought against the regime, was in prison, suffered for the idea, but retained his honor and dignity!

Let us, at least once, stop being potatoes and carrots in boiling borscht of "cooks" who rule now, but simply observe the process that in order to say: "We do not want to have it!". Grab your family and – there is nothing illegal in that - go collect mushrooms, go fishing, go to a village, in the wilderness, in Puhovichi!

There will nothing worthwhile this time: the authorities will push through its list of candidates to the "house of representatives"? Of course, with a simple boycott we cannot defend our civil rights. We have to fight to regain, democratic governance, fair elections, national symbols, and the civil society that can not only affect the power, but also can elect decent people for itself. Boycott - is the first but not the last step on the way “to be called humans", to become real citizens!

Jauhen Agurtsou, "Belarusian partisan"