22 January 2018, Monday, 23:31

Voters are "suggested" the right candidate


independent observers Anatoly Rodzik and Pavel Levinau have noticed a strange pattern.

In the samples of completed ballots, posted at the polling stations, the "tick" stays opposite the number of a pro-government candidate. Samples hang in the polling booths, says Human Rights Center "Viasna".

Anatoly Rodzik, the observer from the Belarusian Helsinki Committee at Oktyabrsky district commission number 20 in Vitebsk, raised a question about hint-samples at the commission meeting:

"How is it? Director of a medical college Aliaxandar Tsetsokho in our district is under the fourth number, and a "tick" is in the fourth box. In the neighboring district, where the deputy of the regional council Mikalai Volkau is campaigning, the deputy is on under the first number. And the "tick" is in the first box. So it was during the presidential election, when Lukashenka was the third on the list. Now we have adopted this practice... When I raised this question, the committee chairman at first protested, saying that it is outrageous and it should be corrected. But then there was a problem: under what candidate should the draw a "tick" for a sample? Because opposite the first line stays the candidate from the Left Party "Fair World» Vinagradau... Than the chairman started shouting that I want to disrupt the "elections", and that printed patterns have cost a lot."

Rodzik offered to reprint the sample ballot with the means of the person that gave the order to set the "tick" in that order. It was impossible to find out at what level it was given: the commission did not say where it was printed - in Vitebsk or Minsk.

An observer suggested his own services: to print new sample ballots and a non-existent "candidate number 5"to the list and put a tick opposite to it. Anatoly Rodzik also demanded that the samples with a "tick" for the "right" candidates were removed from the polling stations, where they were already. But the Commission did not accept any of his suggestions.