21 January 2018, Sunday, 5:36

Emergency situation at Minsk-2 airport? (Photo)


(updated) A large number of civilian aircrafts were observed over Minsk on the evening of 18 September.

City residents started twitting about the planes flying almost over the very roofs around 21.30.

As we learned from the Twitter account of the "Interfax" agency, a large number of civilian aircraft is a result of some problems at the airport "Minsk-2", so they flew to the airport "Minsk-1", located in the city.

the information about the incident is denied by the airport officials

According to Assistant Director of the National Airport "Minsk" Valery Efimenka, there were no emergencies in the evening of September 18:

- Do you really believe these rumors? Everything is O.K. Arrivals and departures are going in accordance in accordance with the schedule.