22 January 2018, Monday, 23:26

Yarmoshyna lies


The head of the Central Electoral Commission expectedly reported alleged turnout of 74,2% for the parliamentary elections.  

According to the CEC’s secretary Mikalai Lazavik, in Brest region 74,2% voted, in Vitebsk region – 80,7%, in Gomel region – 76,6%, in Grodno region – 79,2%, in Minsk region – 76,1%, in Mogilev region – 79,9%, outside Belarus – 72,1%. In the early voting which took place on 18-22 September 25,9% of the voters took parts. According to the official data, by 10.00 27,6% of the voters had participated in the elections (including the early voting), by 12.00 -39,2%, by 14.00 – 50%, by 16.00 – 58,6%.

109 parliament members were elected. As the CEC’s head Lidziya Yarmoshyna informed, a deputy was not elected in the non-alternative Gomel-Navabelitski constituency 36, where the Liberal Democratic Party’s candidate Siarhei Melnikau was running. He didn’t receive the necessary majority of the votes. Repeated elections in this constituency will be combined with municipal elections in 2014.

Mikalai Lazavik expressed an opinion that the personality of the LDP’s candidate “didn’t attract the voters, less than 50% of the ones, who voted, voted for him” The constituency 36 became non-alternative after Ihar Prakapenka, now ex-president’s assistant in the Gomel region who was fired on 6 September, and a UCP member Uladzimir Nepomniashchikh took off the elections.

Another elections in Belarus went with total violations: many opposition candidates were not registered, the opposition organizations’ activists were not included in electoral commissions, during the early voting and on the day of the elections multiple violations were registered. People were forced to go vote with administrative pressure. Independent observers couldn’t observe the counting. Moreover, the turnout was highly overstated. In independent observers’ opinion the elections were not successful in many constituencies.