19 January 2018, Friday, 18:43

Why does Lukashenka need two "Boeing"?


Everyone still deny the very existence of the recently acquired for the dictator "Boeing 767".

A ghost plane appeared in “Belavia”.

"Well, as for me, I didn’t see”, - says an employee of the National Airport "Minsk" about the plane that is being noticed on runway by almost all travelers, who arrive or depart from the airport.

This is "Boeing 767", bought from Turkmenistan for the needs of Belarusian leadership. Since June this luxury liner, painted in the colors of the official flag and with a coat of arms on the tail, is always based at the airport. Pictures, which appear in social networks from time to time, prove this, reports "Euroradio".

The Aviation Department of the Ministry of Transport told that all aircrafts, used by the Belarusian leader, are assigned to "Belavia". But it also warns that hardly anyone will disclose the details:

"I think that this information is not quite public".

What is “not quite public” for one is obvious for another. Journalists tried to find out why does Lukashenka need two "Boeing". But, suddenly, it turns out that... there is only one "Boeing" - seven hundred thirty-seventh

The information about two Belarusian governmental "Boeing" journalists has found on the thematic website planespotters.net. It is told there about "Boeing 737" in a luxury business modification, which Belarus bought in late 2003, and also about a more luxurious "Boeing 767", which is attributed to Belarus only on the eighth of May. The liner was used as a private jet of Turkmenbashi. His feature - the ability to fly across the ocean without any refueling. This is very useful for Lukashenka, who likes to visit the countries of Latin America.

At the central office of "Belavia" people cannot remember exactly what aircrafts the company has:

"We have "Boeings”. "But I can’t say the exact model. We have "Boeings", CRJ is".

In this situation helps the official website. There is a list of all aircraft with panoramic photos, which allow seeing liners lounges. But the journalists didn’t find "Boeing 767". Pity. It was very interesting to see how comfortable Lukashenka’s travels are.

Deputy director of “Belavia” Igor Chiargrinets also does not speak about the. To all questions about the governmental air fleet he replies monotonous: "No comment" the same is with the press-secretary of the dictator Pavel Lehki, who advises to address to the above mentioned Department of Aviation.

A pity. After all,it’s so interesting, why does Lukashenka need two "Boeing".