21 January 2019, Monday, 5:33
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Yelsk Executive Committee: Touareg is the cheapest variant


Journalists found out how much costs an official car for the officials.

Chairman of Yelsk executive committee Lianid Pisanik rides on Nissan. Officials of the Executive Committee say that "the car is literally falling apart", so another one is urgently needed, reports "Euroradio". It is desirable to buy Touareg V6 TDI Tiptronic. The price of 600 million rubles does not confuse:

"This is the cheapest option. Open the Internet - the price for this car and with a such set is the smallest!"

Personnel in the Gomel regional executive committee with considerable indecision says that the price for the car of the chairman of the district executive committee may be normal. Deputy head of the administration of the Gomel Regional Executive Committee Piotr Gavarousky:

"The chairman sees that others have such a car, so he wants it too, to be no different from others. He know better in his district what’s in his pocket, in the district budget. I don’t know about the district executive committee, but in the regional executive committee 50% of the cars are being used for over 10 years, mileage - up to 800-900 thousand kilometers!"

Even the Governor of Gomel Region Uladzimir Dvornik, as the personnel tells, "didn’t want to buy a new official car for a long time": Audi A8 for ... 123 thousand dollars! Gomel region was one of the latest that changed the old Toyota to a new Audi A8. Old governor’s car is still there. It is in the garage and it'd being used by a head of a smaller level.

The official notes that all the governors, according to the special order of Lukashenka, should have an official car of the brand Audi A8. The same applies to official cars of the chairmen of district executive committees and other officials:

"Machines for governors have an operating life. For a governor it’s five years, for a head of a departments - six. It is indicated, what cars you have to buy: for governors - Audi A8, For chairmen of executive commissions there are other brands".

Journalists are calling to other executive committees all around the country: does every committee comply with the order of Lukashenka?

Chairman of Beriazouski executive committee Yuri Narkevich is the humblest. Private car of the chairman is Volvo; for official trips he uses KIA. The chairman has bought this car three years ago for ridiculous 54 million rubles. He is very satisfied:

"It’s comfortable, doesn’t break. I was choosing quality. I have bought it three years ago, when it costed as "Chevrolet Niva". We have bought it together with colleagues from Ivatsevichi: I and he are both very satisfied".

The chairman of Bobruisk city executive committee Dmitry Bahanau uses Mercedes as an official car. Driver of the chairman of the executive committee says that it’s an old car:

"The chairman uses the Mercedes since 2002".

The chairman of Korelichsky executive committee has two Toyota at once: Toyota RAW-4 and Toyota Avensis. One of them he bought this year. The executive committee refuses to tell a price, saying that "we are not funded from the national budget!"

Chairman of Baranavichy city executive committee Viktar Dziachkouski rides on Volkswagen Passat for the fifth year. The chairman’s driver Gennady says that Viktar Ivanavich liked Volkswagen, because prior to that he had such car: "This is people's car! It’s easy to maintain it in good condition, no special damages".

Now Audi A6 is Victar Dziachkouski’s private car. And it is clear what official car will be the next...