19 January 2018, Friday, 14:36

The new year started with trials for Mikalai Ulasevich


The year 2013 started with new court trials on old cases for a UCP activist Mikalai Ulasevich from Astravets.

As the web-site of the United Civic Party informs, a session of the Ashmiany court took place on 8 January, which considered the case of the restoration of the appeal limitation period for the complaint of a businessman Dziatko, Ulasevich’s opponent, who sues against the court’s decision to return Ulasevich 2.7 million roubles, which he spent on the lawsuit.

On 9 January at 12.00 a preparatory session was be held in Ashmiany at the suit of the customs office about recognizing ownerless the property confiscated from Ulasevich on 10.04.12 in Katlouka. The activist intends to cross-claim about the return of all the property, not just a part as the customs office did it, considering them to be confiscated illegally.

Mikalai Ulasevich appealed to the Grodno region court on 10 January asking to restore the limitation period for a cassation, which was missed because of an untimely payment of a state duty. He was sentenced to a fine of 4 million roubles for insubordination by the court of Astravets district. Thus Mikalai Ulasevich intends to keep fighting for the cancellation of the illegal findings of the court and held policemen responsible for the illegal detention, personal search and the searches held in his house and car during the electoral campaign when he was a candidate for parliament.

“It is all a continuation of my lawsuits which has started long ago, but manifested themselves most evidently last year, - Mikalai Ulasevich told. – These are echoes of the suits, inspired by the special services in the result of provocations or some small filth. Of course, it all was done by an order by policemen, or customs officers, or other officials. This is nothing else but a revenge for my civic and political activities, for my principled position of not accepting the building the Astravets nuclear station, for human rights activities. And, of course, it is a revenge for my participation in the latest electoral campaign as a parliament candidate, during which I told what I thought about the current state of affairs in the country. That our country has long fallen into the pool of legal ill-being. And this, perhaps, is the main reason for all our today’s troubles. All the rest are derivatives of this main trouble, which name is a unpunished lawfulness of officials. This is a revenge for me stating once again during the electoral campaign that we must not allow the building of a Russian nuclear power plant in Belarus. The sovereignty and independence of our state may be the price for it.

That is why one cannot so far see the end to these lawsuits. Of course, I am no naïve and I realize all the predictability of the cases. But my position has always been and remains unchangeable: one must react to lawfulness in any case, otherwise we will never put an end to it”.