24 January 2018, Wednesday, 2:48

Protests in Israel against Lukashenka and Liberman’s friendship


An action in the support of Belarusian political prisoners will be held in Tel-Aviv on January, 18.

It will take place near the embassy of your country at the address: Tel-Aviv, 3 Raines street. The beginning is at 11 a.m. local time. The founder and the editor of the belisrael.info web-site Aaron Shustin posted that information on his Facebook account.

“Many know in Israel that Liberman (former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel, accused of corruption) has for long been keeping good relations with the Belarusian dictator. Moreover, he used to disappear for several days and then be found again in Lukashenka’s milieu. And later he would say how good he was as the head of his country and the friend of us, the Jews. At the same time among the people actually closest to Lukashenka are Ahmadinejad, Chavez, Castro, Asad and already dead Qaddafi”, - Aaron Shustin stated.

He also reminded about the statements made by the Israeli ambassador to Belarus Iosif Shagal lasr year.

“Around a year ago, he, having not yet reached Minsk, came up with the idea to praise Lukashenka, who has been torturing his people for more 19 years already, in an impossibly shameless way. Moreover, this very Shagal said that in Minsk he would meet American and European ambassadors and explain in what they were wrong about Lukashenka. Later, already in Minsk, at his first press-conference he shamelessly stated that he did not know about any Belarusian political prisoners”.

Aaron Shustin calls such LIberman and Shagal’s behavior “a shame for Israel” and suggests to follow the example of other countries and supporting the prisoners of the Belarusian regime.