18 January 2018, Thursday, 12:53

Lukashenka will raise the salaries of poor officials


“The most loyal” must remain there in the state apparatus after the staff reduction.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka considers it possible to shorten the number of state officials by a quarter in the nearest six months. The ones must stay, who serve the people and the state with good faith and fidelity.

“It is inevitable that we must shorten the staff approximately by a quarter. Let’s start with that”, - Lukashenka noted on Friday at a meeting on the issues of the optimization of the structure, number and functions of the state agencies, Interfax reports.

The dictator believes that it is necessary to “get rid of those, who does not try hard enough”. “Those should stay in the state apparatus, who try hard and work well. Those, who serve the people and the state with good faith and fidelity, should work in the state apparatus”, - Lukashenka stated. According to him, “those must leave, who does not want to work or simply got there by a mistake”. “We do not want to offend anyone, it does not mean that, if a decision is taken tomorrow, we will have to throw people to the street in a day. No”, - the ruler emphasized.

Thereupon Lukashenka suggested “to, let’s say, in a half-a-year time to find new employment for these people”. “This is what the essence of the reduction is, but not that we will throw the people to the street with one ink stroke, breaking their lives. By this action we should not set a decent part of the society against us”, - he explained.

At the same time he admitted that “we have inadmissibly low salaries of state officials”. “This is nothing like a salary. We have some heads of enterprises, which abuse dotation, or managers, who can do nothing, who earn up to 20 million roubles ($2.3 thousand - Interfax) and add bonuses to that for themselves. And state officials, who do work, do not earn even a half of that. The salaries are inadmissibly low”, - he stated.

Together with that he noted: “You understand the psychology of our people. I am not afraid that I will have to agree on the salary raise for state officials. At the same time I set the task: let’s optimize the numbers of the officials, so the people understand us”, - Lukashenka said.

He also expressed a disagreement with the suggestions to provide benefits and privileges for the officials who are about to be fired. “There is a commission that introduces suggestions on a whole number of benefits and payments, privileges and payments. There will be no benefit, privileges or payments to the dismissed”, - the dictator claimed. “What guarantees, or benefits can there be for the people, who are fired today and cannot work in the state apparatus because of their condition”, - Lukashenka noted. “You will have to find a job for them. There are people who do not see themselves in the state apparatus; those would rather work in a schools, other organizations, in manufacturing. SO they should be sent there”, - Lukashenka said.