19 January 2018, Friday, 0:19

UCP activist gets warning


Alina Litvinchuk, an activist of the United Civil Party (UCP), received a warning from the Brest region prosecutor's office for violating the rules of cooperation with the mass media.

Accusations against her are based on Alisa Pol's articles on Radio Racyja website, though a prosecutor's assistant failed to explain what relation those articles had to Alina Litvinchuk, the press service of the United Civil Party reports.

Alina didn't receive an official summons to the prosecutor's office, but she decided to visit the prosecutor voluntary to find out why anonymous people have been calling her for the last months, policemen tried to enter her flat and people in mufti questioned her neighbours. She received invitation to appear in the prosecutor's office from Brestski Kuryer editor Mikalai Alyaksandrau. The activists decided to see the prosecutor, though this form of invitation doesn't meet the law.

Prosecutor's assistant A. Tochka gave her a warning against  cooperation with foreign mass media.

The prosecutor's assistant advised to appeal to the police regarding strange telephone calls to Alina and her parents and questioning of neighbours by people in mufti, though the activist was told in the police department that she should contact the prosecutor's office over the problem.

”Assistant of prosecutor Tochka, Bakharava, showed some printed articles from the website and a copy of the warning as materials of the case,” Litvinchuk said. “She didn't show the file and give the number of the case. I wrote that I disagreed with the warning.”

The activist and lawyers from the Belarusian Association of Journalists (BAJ) plans to file a complaint to the prosecutor's office in connection with Alina's disagreement with the warning and a complaint about actions by law enforcement officers (telephone calls to her and her parents, visits by the police, who were looking for her in Brest and tried to enter her flat and questioning of neighbours by people in mufti).