18 January 2018, Thursday, 11:09

Yahorau against Kramer


A politologist doesn't see any proofs that tighter policy towards Lukashenka is able to affect the situation in Belarus.

Andrei Yahorau, the director of the Centre for European Transformation and member of EuroBelarus consortium (not to be confused with European Belarus civil campaign), expressed this opinion in an interview with Euroradio.

Freedom House president David Kramer recently proposed not to invite representatives of the Belarusian authorities to the Eastern Partnership meeting in Lithuania in November. Yahorau described Kramer as a consistent adherent of harsh criticism of the Belarusian regime.

“As EuroBelarus consortium sees the situation, we don't have any proofs that tighter policy in relation to Belarus will influence the situation in Belarus and that these steps by the EU will be able to make the Belarusian regime start changes,” Yahorau said.

Yahorau welcomes the current position of the EU that doesn't leave Belarus outside European processes, but limits contacts with the country until the political prisoners are released and rehabilitated. The politologist calls involvement in European processes as a necessary step for future development of Belarus.

The politologist does not rule out the opportunity that the EU and the US will argue about the Eastern Partnership countries:

“The interests of the European Union in the EaP countries differ considerably from those of the United States. Some disputes may naturally arise. But the United States will not insist on any changes in the EU strategy regarding the Eastern Partnership programme, because this is a sphere of geopolitical influence of the EU.”