16 January 2018, Tuesday, 10:36

Police became Free Theatre fans

Policemen again visited the play Nearest and Dearest.

The police already attended this play in Minsk two days ago to write down passport information of all actors and spectators.

As charter97.org learnt, police officers again visited Free Theatre's play Nearest and Dearest with the same aim – to collect passport data of all people present.

“I asked the policemen why they attend every performance. They already have passport data of all actors and many spectators. They said it was the order of their chiefs. I asked if giving passport data was voluntary or compulsory. They answered the procedure was voluntary. I said it to the audience. Many people refused to tell their passport information. The police left. We began the second part of the event – the read-through of Alexander Vvedensky's  Chrismas at Ivanov's,” Svyatlana Suhaka, Free Theatre assistant director, said to charter97.org.