20 January 2018, Saturday, 12:25

The authorities have lowered the unemployment level by 20 percent

The information is provided by the former minister of labour Aliaksandr Sasnou.

Independent experts tell that the real unemployment numbers must be higher than those, provided by the official statistics at least by 20 times, the Belsat TV channel reports.

“The figures, voiced by the Belarusian authorities as their achievement only show the number of the unemployed who came and registered themselves. Naturally, only insignificant number of people come to get registered, - Aliaksandr Sasnou says. ”

The average amount of the unemployment allowance accounts for 186 thousand roubles in Minsk. In other regions they give even less money and not each person can receive it. According to the Employment department of the Minsk city executive committee, the people, who quit themselves and by the agreement of the parties are not eligible for the allowance.

“The unemployment benefits is so small that it is not enough not only for paying the utility bills, it is not possible to support oneself for this money. That is why it is ridiculous to go register and then do public works, which are a type of coercive labour and contradict the conventions of the International Labour Organization, signed by Belarus”, - Aliaksandr Sasnou noted.

We would remind that according to the Belarusian Committee of Statistics the unemployment is 0.5%