19 January 2018, Friday, 10:03

The march against the scoundrels

A march against the scoundrels took place in Moscow on Sunday – for the cancellation if the anti-orphans law and the dismissal of the State Duma that adopted it.

Famous writers, actors, film directors and journalists called to join the march.

Tens of thousands people walked Bulvar ring from Strastnoy to Sakharov prospect. The participants of the march held pictures of the parliamentarians who voted for the “Herod’s law”. At the end of the meeting the pictures went to dust bins.  

Vladimir Ryzhkov, Leonid Parfenov, Boris Nemtsov, Grigory Yavlinski, Mikhail Kasianov, Sergei Mitrokhin, Gennadiy Gudkov, Viktor Shenderovich, Ilia Ponomariov, Segei Udaltsov, Liudmila Ulitskaya and others took part in the event.

The most popular slogans at the march were: “Shame on the scoundrels!”, and also “One for all and all for one!”, “Down with the police state!”, “We are the power!”, “Putin to court”.