18 January 2018, Thursday, 22:57

Collapse in prices on Belarusian oil products


Belarusian oil products rapidly went cheaper in the Ukraine because of the low demand.

According to the source in the traders’ circles, the resource holders have to sell the fuel out with very big discounts. According to one of the traders, in the case of the A-92 gasoline the discount reaches $55 per ton in the relation to the Eurobob quotation in North-West Europe, a Ukrainian web-site OilNews reports.

Low-sulfur diesel fuel, which at the demand’s peak in 2012 was traded at premium of $10-15 per ton, is now suggested by the clients of the Belarusian refineries with a similar discount.

According to the interviewed traders, the situation is largely predetermined by the passivity of Ukrainian buyers.

“Ukrainian companies usually buy the fuel stock for January before the New Year’s vacations, that is why they are not interested in purchasing in January”, - one of the market traders believes.

“The Navapolatsk refinery is overfilled with final product, prices go down, but the market does not rush to buy out these fuel amounts so far”, - a representatives of one large Ukrainian trader, who preferred to stay unknown, says.

Belarus is one of the main exporters of refined oil products to the Ukraine. In January-November 2012 Belarus supplied the Ukraine with 2.69 million tons of diesel fuel, which is 68.1% more than during the same period of 2011. The import of Belarusian gasoline accounted for around 1.16 million tons, which is one third more than in 2011.