21 January 2018, Sunday, 13:56

Kulinkovich: After such an answer the black lists will work for all they are worth

During the press-conference Aliaksandr Lukashenka admitted it twice that he did not know anything about the existence of forbidden musicians in Belarus.

Moreover, he addressed the deputy head of the administration Aliaksandr Radzkou:

“Please, inform me about these black lists! I would like to know whom we are impeding here to sing, dance or whatever. Believe me, I did not give such orders to anyone. But if someone, I am  assuming, spit on the country, then someone certainly must have paid for that, so they should sing to them. Although, again, I would like to know of these facts, since they are indeed unknown to me”.

The author of the question Aliaksandr Kulinkovich who has lately been giving exclusively semi-underground concerts, remained unsatisfied with the answer. Moreover, the musician believes that the pressure on the forbidden will now grow.

“It will only be worse because of such an answer, – the leader of the Neuro Dubel band explains his attitude to Euroradio. – Everyone is afraid in our country that is why the lists will now work for all they are worth. Officials will say: “What if something happens?! You understand! Let’s forbid once again!”… All the officials realize that when the president says that something is bad, than it is good in reality… It is all converse in our country”.

A singer Zmitser Vaitsushkevich agrees with the colleague. He did not have a single full scale concert in 2012:

“If I were Lukashenka, I would not know about the black lists as well. Since If I knew about the lists on top of everything else, than it is too much…” – Zmitser is being sarcastic.

Lavon Volski, who refused all the attempts to perform in Belarus after a scandalous ban on the Krambambula album’s presentation in Minsk, took the country head’s response with a smile:

“The fact is a fact, there is forbidden music in our country, - Lavon says. And it is absolutely irrelevant who says what. As long as these authorities are here, lists will appear with different frequency. Probably they would disappear if there is a certain thaw, but then they will appear again”.