21 January 2018, Sunday, 23:00

“The spy case”: police looks for the friend of Gaidukou’s


Vitebsk regional police department tried to find out his location from Yaugeni Kanstantsinau’s parents.

- I cannot quite understand why they would call my father to Navapolatsk, - the head of the Navapolatsk unregistered public association “Union of young intellectuals” Yaugeni Kanstantsinau is puzzled. – I left all my contacts in Minsk to the senior investigator of the group working on the “spy case” Aleg Barysevich.

According to Yaugeni, he called back to the number that they left to his father.

- At first they for a long time could not understand who was calling and why. Then they started finding out how often I am at home in the Vitebsk region and where I live in Minsk, - Yaugeni Kanstantsinau told Salidarnasc. – When I asked what these data were needed for, they responded that is was not for an over-the-phone conversation and that they would explain everything in person.

The youth activist gave his address in Minsk to the policemen.

- I left them my address and phone number, but they would not give me the reason of why they were interested in me. Moreover, they did not ask to come to a police station for a talk. I do not even know how it is connected to Andrei Gaidukou’s case, - the interlocutor summarized.

We would remind that because of a “spy” investigation, they asked Yaugeni Kanstantsinau at his former workplace to quit after a few visit of people in mufti. The youth activist deals with the registration of a public association “Union of young intellectuals”.