24 January 2019, Thursday, 12:56
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A record made of Liabedzka for giving out leaflets


The leader of the United Civic Party received a note saying that he violated the legislation in regards to organizing mass events when he was giving out the party’s brochures in the street.

“Today I received a protocol of an administrative violation by mail. It says that I violated the article 10 of the Belarus’ law “About mass events”, when I was giving out informational materials”, - Liabedzka told the Interfax-Zapad news agency on Thursday.

“I am being incriminated holding a non-authorized action for handing out informational materials – a bulletin “The Voice of Reason”, which gave the party’s position on privatization. It is complete nonsense from the legal point of view”, - the politician stated.

“It is one more touch, which shows how the authorities are afraid of any communication of the opposition with the citizens. It turns out that the opposition should not have any communication with people”, - Liabedzka said.

“After the protocol for an administrative violation I should expect that my case will be considered in court, the next step is a subpoena to the court”, - the UCP’s leader added.

He specified that the protocol was composed on 29 December 2012.

We would remind that at the end of December Liabedzka received a fax of a subpoena telling him to show up at a police station since he was a person against whom an administrative case was being considered. Liabedzka did not go to the Minsk Savetski district’s police department then, but faxed back a copy of a sick-list.