18 January 2018, Thursday, 4:37

Road policemen beat a driver for violation the traffic rules


Policemen beat a Zelva resident for crossing the street in an undue spot.

The story that has been lasting for almost a year started with a trifle – with an innocent question about the reason for being stopped, addresses to a road police officer. On 27 February 2012 at 13.30 a Ford Galaxy No 7432 IB-4 driven by Viktar Lameka was stopped in Parkavaya street in Zelva by a road inspector captain A. Iskra. The inspector said that the reason for stopping the car was a documents check. All the necessary documents were submitted and Viktar videotaped everything. Having not found anything to make a note of, the inspector let Lameka go without filing a protocol, saying that he did not have complaints about him. Viktar posted the video on the internet.

After that event Viktar submitted a complaint in the book for complaints and suggestions of the Zelva police department. Because of the complaint an inspection was carried out. The head of the Slonim region’s police department the police lieutenant colonel S.Kigan stated in his reply that no violations were found in the actions of the inspector but Lameka himself violated the law No 455-3 “About information, informatization and information protection”, which was posting the photo of inspector Iskara on the Internet. The lieutenant colonel considered the inspector’s name almost a state secret. Although the lieutenant colonel humanely decided not to investigate this case in the framework of Lameka complaint’s inspection.

However the case continued when Lameka was called to the Slonim region’s police department. At 11 a.m. on 19 April, after Viktar had left a note in the book for complaints and suggestions about the illegal character of his being called to Slonim, where he did not live and did not commit any crimes, it turned out that from the moment of his entrance the parking before the police station’s building he managed to violate two articles of the traffic rules. Precisely, he entered under a sign, forbidding movement, and crosses the crossroads moving backwards. Lameka admitted that he moved under the sign since he did not know where the parking was and specially in order to find that out he came to a road policeman and asked him where to park the car. The inspector made an oral note to him, but, apparently having found out that he dealt with a “malicious criminal” who had wrote a complaint about a road policeman, he decided to document his violations composing a protocol. For that Lameka was taken to a room for the detained. The inspector Khamko started composing a protocol about the fact that during the inspection on 27 February (in a couple of months) Viktar’s car did not have curtains which were not provided for by the construction. At the same time no one was confused that a months and a half had passed from the moment of the incident and that the inspector had nothing to do with what had happened in Zelva. An inspector Tsitou started composing a protocol on moving backwards at a crossroad and violating the forbidding road sign. Despite all Viktar’s protests he was forcedly kept for around three hours. For all that time Lameka was not allowed to drink water or to visit a toilet and also forbad to take pictures of the protocols, which accounted for four in the end.

It would seem that Viktar Lameka’s sufferings ended. He was released and he went to his car. Apprently, having decided that four protocols were not enough, Viktar was ordered to return so another protocol could be composed. This time for crossing the street in an undue spot. Naturally, Lameka perceived this as another mocking in addition to those experienced at the police department.  A road policeman went to the building for a protocol blank and inspectors Khamko and Nestsiarovich order Viktar to wait. A rain started and Lameka decided he could wait in the car in order not to soak up and crossed the street on the green light.

Apparently, it would have been ridiculous to run away from police provided they had all his passport data. But apparently a reflex worked with the policemen: they ran after Viktar, threw him on the wet asphalt and started beating him. Beaten Lameka lay on the asphalt and they would not let him get up. A crowd gathered around. Having handcuffed Lameka the policemen took him by his arms, legs, clothes and hair and carried him into the police station’s building. During the beating and transportation Viktar lost two expensive cell phones and fifty dollars.