21 January 2018, Sunday, 3:41

Interior Ministry's Internal Security Directorate threaten Russian citizen with bodily harm


Officers of the Internal Security Directorate were threatening a Russian citizen for six hours to make her give false evidence.

As charter97.org learnt from Belarusian human rights activists, officers of the drug control department detained Igor Prikhodko, who kept drugs, in a bedroom community in Minsk on March 30, 2012. As the examination revealed, he produced home-made opium, which is considered to be among the most dangerous drugs leading to strong drug dependence and withdrawal symptoms. Even a small mistake in dosage or a production process can lead to death.

Valeria Khodakovskaya, a citizen of Russia, saw the detention. She didn't even suspect that she would become not only an eyewitness, but also a victim of a crime.

The next day, Prikhodko tried to avoid criminal responsibility and filed a complaint about the police officers, who had detained him. Valeria was taken to the Internal Security Directorate of the Interior Ministry to figure out details of the incident.

An officer of the directorate threatened bodily harm to Valeria on their way to the questioning if he and his colleagues didn't have the desired result.

They wanted Valeria to give evidence regarding illegal actions by drug control department officers in relation to detained Prikhodko,

At least five officers of the Internal Security Directorate were threatening and persuading Khodakovskaya for 6 hours forcing her to give false evidence.

The woman had to sign a police report saying that Prikhodko had been detained in the flat of his friend Tsmyg, who had two criminal records for illegal drug trade in 2012. The report also said that Prikhodko had been injured during the detention for no reasons.

Khodakovskaya returned home only in the morning. The next day, she informed the district prosecutor’s office and the district police department about the illegal actions in relation to her.