20 January 2018, Saturday, 12:31

Belsat on Lukashenka’s mistresses and real women (Video)


Just like Gaddafi, the Belarusian dictator is surrounded by mistresses.

In an interview to the TV channel Belsat Natallia Radzina, editor-in-chief of the website charter97.org, talks about women that surround the Belarusian leader.

The journalist emphasized that the function of the first lady is crucial in any country, but Belarus is an exception. She believes that for our country it is not relevant: “Belarus is ruled by a dictator. None of those who are around him can be the first lady.”

According to Radzina, none of the pretty young models and singers seen with Lukashenka at official events will ever become the first lady. The journalist compared those women with mistresses from Gaddafi’s harem.

Radzina says that son Kolia who often follows with Lukashenka, is just a poor child taken away from his mother only to promote the dictator’s personality and his political regime.

Nevertheless, the guest of the Hot Comment finds Galina Lukashenka, the ruler’s wife, a nice person worth respect: “Obviously, she is a decent woman who didn’t want to live with him.”

Another woman close to Lukashenka – Lidziya Yarmoshyna – is a forger and criminal, in Radzina’s view: “She is important for the Belarusian politics because she is the head of the forge machine that Lukashenka uses to keep his power by creating the illusion of being elected by the people.”

The journalist believes that a man who could fulfill the order of the authoritarian leader could be in Yarmoshyna’s place: “It depends not on gender, but on the level of corruption.”

Today real female politicians are those who fight for their innocent husbands and relatives convicted by the powers – Maryna Adamovich, Iryna Bagdanava, Iryna Krasouskaia, Iryna Khalip, Natallia Kaliada, Volga Bandarenka.

When men are thrown to prison, women have to become politicians, Belsat’s guest emphasized.