22 January 2018, Monday, 1:38

How Yury Gumeniuk died. New details


There are more questions than answers in the case of a journalist and poet Yury Gumeniuk’s death.

The relatives do not believe in the suicide version. A Radio Svaboda’s reporter came to the place of death in order to clarify the circumstances of the sudden death of 43-year old Yury.

In poet’s room there is a big fish tank, which was his favorite hobby, there is a portrait of young Yury below. On the table there is a laptop, a desk calendar with the latest notes. Yury’s father used to work at this desk, he taught mathematics to schoolchildren.

“He was kind to people, I do not know what happened, - the poet’s mother says. – He was only very disappointed that day”.

Yury Gomeniuk’s mother Krystsina Kazimirauna told:

“Police came at half past eleven and what do you think they said? That he slipped and fell off the ninth floor… We came out altogether, my niece had her birthday on 18th, she invited us, she said: come over. It was Epiphany. And we came out, it was very cold, we went to a pharmacy to buy Validol. In the pharmacy he said: mom, I am so cold. I said: let’s go back home. There were neighbors in the pharmacy, he talked to them. He did not wait for me, ran outside. I thought: God, he could have waited for me.I left the pharmacy. Came home but he was not there. I thought, where could have he disappeared? Such a cold weather. I waited for him, but he would not come, and he did not take his cell phone. I did not know where he was and what was going on. And here is what we have: there is no person anymore”.

It is a 250 meters distance form Gumeniuk’s house in V.Kharuzhei street to the dormitory where Yury died. From the dormitory to the pharmacy there are 300-350 more meters, it is located on the corner of Lenin’s Comsomol boulevard and Builder’s avenue.

Yury Gomeniuk wore a black coat, a beret and carried a bag.

The janitor of the dormitory, where Yury Gomeniuk died, told:

“It is hard to tell how he entered. They always look whether a person lives in the dormitory of not. They would stop a stranger and note him down as well as who he is going to visit. People from various organizations live in the dormitory. According to a witness, he entered the kitchen and went straight to the balcony. There is a block of eight rooms and a kitchen, and there is a balcony in the kitchen. We assume that he did not come to visit anyone… It was 7 p.m. I started mu shift at eight, this had already happened. Investigators came. We assumed that he came on purpose. Apparently he had planned something like this. No one can tell for sure, because no one was there, only one guy, who ran out all white because of the fear. He saw it. He was in the kitchen doing the dishes. And he said that he went straight to the balcony. I asked: did he fall in a snowdrift? He said, no, if in a snowdrift, he could have stayed alive. But as he fell there were only three centimeters of snow and he crashed his head against the asphalt. Nothing left of the head, they said. The head was all crashed. I came to work and he had already fallen, I came at ten to eight. I went to work from that side and saw they were taking pictures. I thought, the youth takes pictures in the night for some reason. And the ambulance car was there. And when I came here they said – the investigators were taking pictures. People went there, observed the place, said that there was nothing left anymore. I do not know exactly how he fell, there were ropes hanging, he tore all the ropes. But he fell right on his head, head down. As I understood, like a swimmer jumps into the water”.

It is unclear whom he came to visit, but it is clear that he did not visit anyone on the ninth floor. Because such people live there that he would not go to them. And the investigators must have gone there to question the people and there was almost no one on the floor. There was only one guy who saw it and that is it. There are garbage bins below, he went there… This guy came running completely white, who saw how he fell. He called the ambulance right away. But what could the ambulance do? They called police and that is it. The investigators and experts spent three hours there in the kitchen. They entered it at eight and only left at eleven”.