21 January 2018, Sunday, 5:42

Journalist from Hrodna Yury Humyanyuk died tragically

The journalist is reported to have fallen from the 8th floor and died.

The website charter97.org has learnt it from Hrodna-based journalist Andrzej Poczobut.

The police are investigating the incident.

“I contacted the person who talked to an eyewitness of the tragedy. He says Yury fell from the 8th floor of the dormitory on Sukhambayev Street in Hrodna (it's close to his home). An ambulance and the police arrived,” activist from Hrodna Iness Todrik-Pisalnik wrote on her Facebook account.

Humyanyuk's mother supposes it was a killing. The police are inclined to believe it was suicide.

Yury Humyanyuk was born in Hrodna on September 24, 1969. He has been appearing in the Belarusian and foreign press as a poet and essay writer since 1990. He graduated from the Polish studies department of Yanka Kupala Hrodna State University in 1994 and took a postgraduate course in the same university. He was in charge of Context literary radio magazine at Hrodna regional radio in 1991-1994. He worked for newspapers Pahonya (1992, 1995-2001) and Dzen (2004). He was a literary manager in the Hrodna Regional Puppet Theatre (1994-2000). He has been writing for Czasopis, a monthly magazine from Bialystok (Poland), since 2002.

He wrote books of poems “The Body Fragrance” (1992), “The face of Tutankhamun” (1994), “The Ritual” (1999), “The Labyrinth of the Ghost Castle” (2000, co-author), “Tiger Orchid Street” (2003). He is the author of the unfinished novel “Apostles of Nirvana” (1995) and children's plays “The Ball at Baron Münchhausen” (1993), “The Mystery of a Golden Ring” (1998), “The Christmass Journey” (1999), a docuemntrary saga “A Ghost of Old Kresy” (2004-2005), a number of critical essays on literature, visual arts and theatre. He was a co-editor of Kalossye literary anthology. Belarusian rock-bands Grunwald and Aisha (Jungle X-mas) and some singers used his poems to write about 20 songs.