22 January 2018, Monday, 3:11

Analysts who lost their face


Secret and semi-secret missions to the last European dictatorship – is an alarming sign.

It was stated by the leader of the European Belarus civic campaign, ex-presidential candidate Andrei Sannikau, when he commented to the charter97.org web-site on Lukashenka’s meeting with American political scientists which took place yesterday.

“It is necessary to remind that the same analysts, at least two of them - Socor and Joffe – came and met the dictator on the very eve of the presidential elections of 2010, and then actively disseminated Lukashenka’s propaganda in their works. Then they lost their face with their forecasts and assessments. Apparently now they decided to keep doing what they have once started, - the politicians believes. – The visit is cynical, they can hardly be called representative of American analytics, since the people are pursuing their own goals and revive the attempts to whiten the dictatorship again. I think, the dictatorship is using the same patterns which are inevitably applied when Lukashenka regime’s relations with the East are as bad as the ones with the West and money is needed like never before. They are begging for money from Russia in exchange of promises of eternal friendship, and from the West – with the accompaniment of whining about the severe pressure on the part of Russia”.

“Today, after the repressions that have started in 2010 and keep going till the present day, with the present number of political prisoners, after the murder of two young men for the metro bombing, whose guilt no one believes, it is impossible to whiten the regime in the West and such attempts will only harm Belarus”, - Sannikau is sure.

In European Belarus leader’s opinion, “the secret and semi-secret mission to the last European dictatorship, which has increased in number recently, are a alarming signal. It means that the international community’s pressure aimed at liberation of political prisoners went weaker or is being deliberately decreased. And it is only possible to achieve the liberation with a strong principled position, but not another bargain with the dictatorship, which never holds its word”.

We would remind that in 21 January Lukashenka met four American political scientists. At the meeting there were Glen Howard – the president of Jamestown Foundation, Vlad Socor – from the same foundation, Janusz Bugajski from the Center for Strategic and International studies and Grigori Joffe, a professor from the Redford University.