17 January 2018, Wednesday, 22:48

Court rejected Paganiaila’s appeal for compensation


The court of Minsk’s Moscow district did not satisfy the human rights activist’s lawsuit against the state agencies.

Garry Paganiaila demanded to compensate for the moral damage caused by the illegal inclusion of him into the list of the persons not allowed to leave the country. The requested compensation amounted for 3 million roubles. He also demanded for the 300 thousand roubles, spent on the state duty for the courts proceedings, to be returned to him, Radio Svaboda reports.

The case was tried on 21 January with the participation of the representatives of the defendants – Finance Ministry, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the decision was announced today.

Paganiaila was forbidden to leave the country on the grounds that he was allegedly a debtor or an interested party in a case of a bankrupt debtor. He needed three months to achieve being taken off the list. In the Ministry of Internal Affairs they referred to a technical malfunction to the reason for the mistake.  

Garry Paganiaila called the court’s decision political and claimed he would appeal to superior courts.