22 January 2018, Monday, 1:29

BChD activist detained for a photo with Bialiatski’s portrait


An activist of the organizational committee for the creation of the party BChD went to a post office to send a complaint to the head of the town’s police about his subordinates.

He was detained near his house on the way back, Radio Svaboda reports.

Siargei Malashonak’s complaint to police is directly linked to his detention. Two years ago he was called to an interrogation with police for him to explain how his picture with Ales Bialiatski’s portrait appeared on the internet.

The activist from Navapolatsk warned that he will only show up for the interrogation with a subpoena. When he found the subpoena in the mailbox, it said neither in what role he was being called, nor on what case, that is why he refused to go again.

“I told to the senior district inspector, that everything should be according to the law. And he said that “his phone call should be enough”. And that I will be taken by force if I do not come myself. This way it happened”, - the activist told.

Malashonak is at a Navapolatsk’s police station.

Another activist, Yaugeni Parchinski, gave explanations to police on 16 January. Parchinski and Malashonak made photos with Ales Bialiatski’s portraits on the porch of a court in Navapolatsk. Later Malashonak alone had a photo on the porch of Navapolatsk’s town police department. According to the activist, it was done as a sign of solidarity with the political prisoner Ales Bialiatski.

Then the photos were posted on the internet, this time as the sign of solidarity with human rights activists from Grodno, who were fined for similar pictures on the internet, which was perceived as “holding a non-authorized action”.