22 January 2018, Monday, 11:10

Fair World activists appeal to UN

Activists of Fair World party from Zhlobin wait for a reply from the United Nations.

The UN accepted the complaints about banning pickets in 2012 by the local district executive committee, Radio Racyja learnt from head of the local office of the party Valery Rybchanka.

“There sent several complaints. Do you remember that Lukashenka said to the media the results of the 'elections' were rigged and he ordered to correct them as the EU wanted? We planned to have pickets devoted to this problems, but failed to get permission. We went through all court instances in Belarus, including the Supreme Court. We sent a complaint to the UN. We received an answer that it was accepted, but would be registered later. The UN Human Rights Committee examined similar complaints from Zhlobin activists in 2011 and 2012,” Valery Rybchanka said.

Fair World party members attached documents that forbid to hold pickets to support political prisoners. The activists expect the complaints to be registered next month. “It will take even more time to get a answer,” Valery Rybchanka says.