16 January 2018, Tuesday, 18:06

Granit plant workers support Kovry Brest factory workers

Workers of Mikashevichy-based Granit plant and members of the plant branch of the Belarusian Independent Trade Union released an open statement.

Aleh Stakhayevich, an initiator of the statement and head of the Granit branch of the independent trade union, told charter97.org: “The situation at Kovry Brest factory is one of the examples of how officials, who consider themselves local tsars, are ruining our plants and factories.” The factory, that used to be flourishing, has been standing idle after “upgrading” held 3 or 4 years ago. It proves that the factory authorities and officials of the Brest region don't have enough skills and knowledge of economic issues and administration. “How can an enterprise, which was upgraded at the cost of tens of billions of rubles, stand idle?” Stakhayevich is surprised. “If the director is unable to provide workers with work and pay, he must quit!”

The authors of the statement note that “bad management, misuse of power, improper use of funds and endless kickbacks harm our economy. Instead of working for the benefit of Belarus, some officials continue to ruin the state-run property, destroy industry and deprive workers' families of sources of subsistence.”

Granit plant workers and members of the plant branch of the independent trade union, who know what pressure from the plant authorities is, express their solidarity with the workers of Kovry Bresta factory and all workers of Belarus in their struggle for a decent life.