20 January 2018, Saturday, 2:00

The trial of Ladutska’s deputy is being hidden from journalists


The process against Igar Vasilieu has not been brought back to public

In Minsk region’s court they said that the process goes on, but in a closed regime. The former official is being accused of taking a bribe of $250 thousand. It is the half of the amount that he allegedly demanded, Nasha Niva reports.

The trial of Igar Vasilieu was set under a closed regime after the accusation was announced and the witnesses questioned. The witnesses were the deputies of Minsk’s mayor Mikalai Ladutska, other officials of the city executive committee. Vasiliy Ananieu, who offered the bribe, thanks to whom all the case against Vasilieu started, was brought under escort. In the brakes between the interrogations they even started exploring the criminal case’s materials. What remained was only to question Vasilieu himself, who agreed to answer the questions the last. And also to have the hearing of arguments of the parties and listen to the last plea of the defendant.

The reason for turning the trial into a closed regime was the exploration of the case of KGB’s operational records.

According to the judge Natalia Aliakhnovich, the materials are classified. But even after the exploration of them the process has not gone public again.

We would remind that the trial against the official started on 20 December. On the first day he stated that he would provide the evidence of his innocence during his interrogation. What could the former official say? Could he reveal some schemes of the city executive committee’s work? One can only guess.

It is notable that some witnesses gave contradictive testimonials. Ananieu claimed that Vasilieu extorted a bribe from Czech investors from the very beginning, whereas a businessman Igar Smiatanin said that the amount of the bribe, for which the official in being tried in the court for, is the money, which Ananieu asked from the investor for himself as a fee for being an intermediary.

Very soon then judge Aliakhnovich will have to make a decision whether the former official is guilty or not.