18 January 2018, Thursday, 14:26

Rubinau: Revoking driver's license for life for drunk driving


The chairman of the “council of the republic” proposes to take strict measures for drunk drivers.

Anatoly Rubinau answered questions of Euroradio:

What is your attitude towards the proposal of the Prosecutor General's Office on confiscating cars from drunk drivers?

I think the strictest measures must be taken against those who drive cars after drinking alcohol. We cannot speak about permilles and limits in our conditions and with our traditions. In out country, if one has a shot glass of alcohol, he will have another one, if one has a glass of bear, he will have some more bottles. People say we have a brutal state and the president is a brutal person. We have extra soft rules, extra! To keep order, we need freedom and severe punishment for violations. Humane treatment is being promoted in our country and in the West. But whom do they treat softly? Criminals! Humane treatment should be to normal citizens, who don't violate anything and want to have safety guarantees. We are too kind to offenders! A drunk driver is a criminal. As for a vehicle. It can be seized, but driver's license must be revoked for life. In this situation, any measures are acceptable, because a drunk driver is a killer. How can we treat a killer softly?

Does seizure of cars meet other laws and the Constitution? Does not it violate the right to private property?

People set laws for themselves. If something goes wrong, the law should be changed to serve people. The right to private property cannot contradict the fundamental and vital interests of the society. If it happens, laws should be changed. We give the highest priority to human rights, but it's wrong! A person lives in the society. Freedom of a person cannot be more important than interests of the society. A person has only the liberties that the society can offer and guarantee. If the society flourishes, every person feels good. The right to private property is indefeasible only if one fulfils certain rules and regulations.

A threat to seize an expensive vehicle creates favourable conditions for corruption...

The fact that violations are possible doesn't mean we don't need rules. We need to fight corruption. To fight it severely. People must understand that punishment is inevitable. As in case if a criminal commits a murder. In the Soviet times, all people knew that punishment, the death penalty, was inevitable. Today it is life sentence. We are made to have it. What do we see? For example, an Italian Mafioso. He gets in prison, he will do sports, watch TV, listen to the radio and write books there. How is that possible?

It should be reminded that measures allowing to seize vehicles from drunk drivers are expected to be introduced in Belarus.