18 January 2018, Thursday, 14:19

Lukashenko saw a threat in information flow


Dictator demanded protection from new threats in the field of information technology.

“We cannot afford dispersing funds for the sake of satisfying purely academic curiosity. The Belarusian science should be tailored to satisfy requirements of our sovereign state and its structure should become more compact,” said Lukashenka as he presented diplomas to doctors of science and professor certificates to researchers and educational research workers on 25 January. Alexander Lukashenka believes that it is important to clearly determine what strategic areas Belarusian scientists should explore on their own, what areas it is advisable to work on together with foreign colleagues, and what foreign research products it is more profitable to buy.

“Research into the society, the man should give us a profound understanding of the global changes going on in the world. They cannot but affect us. Look at how radically the world has changed, what colossal information flows affect every person. Along with progressive things they bring about the unseen before capacity to manipulate individuals and huge masses of people,” remarked he. In his words, the nature of all these phenomena requires a closer study for the sake of enjoying the benefits of computer civilization while protecting oneself from new threats.

“Fundamental scientific discoveries certainly belong to the entire world. But the countries that generate new knowledge enjoy the cutting edge in the commercial use of these ideas, in the export of high-tech products that generates billions in profits,” said the he.