17 January 2018, Wednesday, 6:02

Minsk residents protest against Maskouski bus station demolition


Gazprom company wants to construct a high-rise office building close to the National Library in Minsk.

The company needs the territory now occupied by Maskouski bus station. Chairman of the Minsk city executive committee Ladutka says the bus station building does not have special value, though it was declared the best architectural building in the city in 2002, Nasha Niva newspaper reports.

District dwellers want the bus station to be saved. Viktar Talmachou began to collect signatures.

“I collected more than 30 signatures on the first day,” Talmachou says. “All residents of Uskhod district are angry with the plans of the city authorities to demolish the bus station. Firstly, for the beautiful architecture of the building, which received a state award. Secondly, it is a transport hub for dwellers of Uskhod-2 city district. The bus station is used by  local residents, who want to get to the city centre, tourists, who visit the National Library, people visiting the cemetery in Kalodzishchy and those who have summer houses nearby. Maskouski bus station serves routes to Silichy, Raubichy, Lahoisk and the airport. It's very convenient.”

Talmachou claims the bus station doesn't work at full capacity on purpose: “Only three of twelve ticket offices work there. I talked to a ticket clerk and she said their salaries were reduced significantly to 2.5 million rubles. Only pensioners agree to work there.”

District dwellers fear that Gzaprom company may open a casino that will worsen the criminal situation in the area.

Viktar Talmachou continue to collect signatures against demolition of Maskouski bus station.

“Uskhod is the first city district, where high-rise apartment buildings were constructed. Masherau gave them to intellectuals. I hope the authorities will hear us and choose not to demolish the bus station,” he said.