16 January 2018, Tuesday, 18:13

MEP demands meeting with Dashkevich and Statkevich

Marek Migalski has appealed to Uladzimir Makey to give him an opportunity to meet with imprisoned Belarusian opposition politicians.

In a letter to Mr. Makey, the Polish MEP says that he is concerned about the situation of Mr. Statkevich, who ran in the 2010 presidential election, and Mr. Dashkevich, who chairs an opposition youth organization called Malady Front (Young Front).

Belarusian and European media outlets have repeatedly reported that these political prisoners are mistreated by the administrations of their prisons, Mr. Migalski says, adding that he would like to check those reports.

Mr. Migalski notes that in August 2011, he was barred from entering Belarus, and expresses hope that he will be allowed to enter the country and meet with Messrs. Statkevich and Dashkevich this time.

In October 2011, the office of Mr. Migalski launched a campaign of solidarity with the two politicians.

A website, www.2free.eu, was launched in the framework of the campaign to inform the public about Mr. Migalski's efforts to secure the release of Messrs. Statkevich and Dashkevich and about their current situation.