17 January 2018, Wednesday, 11:46

Dzieciuki concert banned in Minsk

A possible reason for the ban is an interview with charter97.org website.

A police van was standing near the club, where the concert was to be held.

Hrodna-based band Dzieciuki planned to play a gig at Jolly Roger Cafe in Minsk, Nasha Niva newspaper reports.

“There was a concert, but we didn't play,” band's leader Alyaksandr Dzyanisau said. “Organisers told us not to approach the club if we didn't want to be detained.”

Eyewitnesses say a police van was standing near Jolly Roger Cafe and riot policemen were patrolling the street.

Problems with the concert began after a phone call from “higher instances”.

“Why was it banned? There are blacklists,” Dzyanisau says. “Bands from Hrodna Kalian and Deviation were put on the blacklist before groups from Minsk.”

Dzieciuki project was founded in Hrodna last year with participation of former Kalian vocalist Ales Dzyanisau. The band plays folk-punk in Belarusian.

Many of band's songs are devoted to Belarusian heroes and insurgents of different times – participants of Kalinouski Uprising,  Bulak-Balachowich Uprising and the Forest Brothers.

An interview with Dzieciuki members was published on charter97.org website on January 18.