22 January 2018, Monday, 11:04

REN TV: Psychopathy – Lukashenka’s illness of long standing

Anna Chapman’s program ‘World’s secrets’ told about attempts on Lukashenka’s life.

The program ‘World’s secrets’ on Russian TV channel, anchored by the former Russian spy, has a yellow reputation of a program which does not burden itself with the search for accurate information.

In the latest episode of ‘World’s secrets’ – ‘Disclosure. Agents in white robes’ they tell about alleged attempts on Lukashenka’s life, organized by CIA.

According to Chapman’s version, for the first time they attempted to poison Lukashenka with cowberry juice, for the second – a new kind of drugs was applied to him, for the third – the gas was dispersed around him, which was supposed to “make Lukashenka’s long-standing psychopathy progress”.

At the same time the program’s authors claim that Lukashenka keeps looking well only for the reason that he uses unknown pills, invented for Soviet leaders.

All in all, one must see it. Lukashenka was well mocked at.