23 January 2018, Tuesday, 12:49

Human rights activists: Sarochyk's case should be reconsidered

Platform Innovation, a private cultural and educational organisation, appealed to Lukashenka asking to give a fair estimate of the case on beating parking lot security guard Vasily Sarochyk.

Platform Innovation sent the appeal to Lukashenka's administration on January 28, BelaPAN news agency learnt from organisation head Andrei Bandarenka.

A decision to appeal to Lukashenka for reconsideration of the case was a reaction of human rights activists to closing the criminal case against officers of Minsk's Leninski district police department, who were suspected of beating Sarochyk.

”We think that in absence of a proper reaction from the reinforcement agencies to beating of Sarochyk, it is Lukashenka who must secure observance of the law in relation to a citizen of Belarus and punishment of the officers, who took part in beating,” the letter to Lukashenka reads.

The authors note that the criminal case harms the image of both law-enforcement system and Lukashenka. Referring to articles of the Belarusian constitution relating to freedom, privacy and human dignity and proofs of security guard's innocence, Platform Innovation asks Lukashenka to “use his power to have the case over beating of Sarochyk by police officers heard by a court”.

The incident with the security guard happened on November 14, 2012. According to Sarochyk, officers of Minsk's Leninski district police department were beating him for 6 hours trying to make him confess to the crimes he had not committed.

The beaten security guard filed a complaint to a prosecutor's office, which later sent the materials to the Leninski district department of the Investigation Committee. The Minsk city department of the Committee continued the investigation. Investigators said on December 13 that four officers of Minsk's Leninski district police department were suspected of violating part 3 of article 426 of the Criminal Code (abuse of power by an official on duty). The case was closed in late December.