18 January 2018, Thursday, 22:59

Sukala stands for confiscating vehicle from drunk drivers


The chairman of the Supreme Court considers the initiative to confiscate vehicles from drunk drivers to be a right one.

“We totally support it. It is important not only to punish for a crime, but also to deprive the violators of a possibility to commit a new one”, - Valiantsin Sukala stated in an interview to Soviet Belorussia newspaper.

“The problem is that it is only in 30% of the cases that the owners of vehicles drive drunk themselves. 70% of the detained drunk drivers drive someone else’s cars”, - the chairman of the Supreme Court noted.

“That is why I can foresee, that the main legal arguments and conflicts will be about the identification of the circumstances of how a drunk person ended up behind the steering wheel  and who gave him the right to drive. The situations will be complicated, but the Supreme Court still supports this measure and, moreover, it participated in preparing of this suggestion”, - Sukala said.

He is convinced that “the arsenal of the existing punishments for malicious violators is not sufficient”. “What is a 7 years’ imprisonment term for a person guilty of the death of several innocent people?”, - the chairman of the Supreme Court asked rhetorically.

As the agency informed previously, the Prosecutor General’s office of Belarus send suggestion to the President’s Administration about the toughening of the punishment for driving drunk. “In particular, it is suggested to confiscated vehicles from the people, caught drunk driving twice within a year. The confiscation is suggested to be carried out regardless of who is the owner of the vehicle. The confiscated vehicles will be turned to a budget profit”, - the Prosecutor General’s office informed.