18 January 2018, Thursday, 4:51

Lukashenka to tackle foreign players problem


The head of state supports the proposal to limit the number of foreign players in Belarusian sports clubs.

He agrees that the number of foreign players in sports clubs should be limited, but said such decisions should be made individually for the teams that take part in international completions, Lukashenka's press service reports after a meeting on Tuesday to discuss state support to sports organisations.

“Note also the following: we need no foreign officials like coaches, assistants, managers and others in clubs. Our football and hockey players don't work, some of them ask for a job. Don't we have our own guys? Of course, we need them to work,” Lukashenka said. He added that it shouldn't be applied to national teams or, for example, Dinamo Minsk ice hockey club that perform at the top level. He suggested, however, that even those clubs should employ more Belarusian specialists. “The head coach should have four or five Belarusian assistants,” Lukashenka said.

State Control Committee Alyaksandr Yakabson also spoke about the problem of foreign players. “Certain football clubs have up to 30% of foreign players today. In other words, we don't carry out import substitution policy in sport yet,” the head of the State Control Committee noted.

A meeting of the executive committee of the Belarusian Football Federation was held today in Minsk. Participants of the meeting took a decision not to consider citizens of Russia and Kazakhstan, who takn part in the national football championship, to be foreign players.