22 September 2017, Friday, 20:10

Belsat presented Davydzka with a satellite dish


Employees of Belsat TV channel sent a satellite dish to the Director General of Belarusian State Television Genadz Davydzka.

A representative of the TV channel Mikhail Yanchuk told journalists that they decided to present Davydzka with the possibility to watch the Polish TV channel after his speech made at the Insitute of Journalism of the Belarusian State University last week, BelaPAN reports.

“We found out that the head of the Belarusian State Television does not have a possibility to watch our TV channel, - Yanchuk said. - But at the same time he condemns the channel for its activities. That is why, for him not to be unsubstantiated, we decided to hand him in a satellite dish, so he could from time to time watch our channel and form an objective opinion on it”.

Yanchuk quoted Davydzka’s words from his speech made to journalist students: “When a person advocates and professes the ideas, which are better paid, such a person cannot live long as a personality and may be as a physical body, because the inner gap between love and need is a spiritual prostitution, there is nothing more frightening than that”.

“I would want for our satellite dish to be the first step towards the elimination of this gap”, - Yanchuk noted.

Responding to the question, whether such a present would be considered a foreign investment in the development of the State Television, Yanchuk expressed a hope that the cost of the satellite dish and the receiver would not exceed the amount, acceptable for Belarusian officials as a present.

After the equipment had been delivered to the Belarusian State Television’s building, Yanchuk shared a hope that “in time Belarusian State Television will turn into Belarusian Public Television, which will serve the interest of the whole nation, not only one family or the narrow power circles”.

“It will be a television, which will not lie to their people, and people will note make jokes like: “I want to live in the country, which they show on the Belarusian State Television”. If we find out from the next Davydzka’s speech that he criticizes Belsat objectively, then we will be able to say that the action went successfully”, - the TV channel’s representative summarized.