24 January 2018, Wednesday, 1:00

Meat processing factory’s workers deprived of benefits

The administration of Slonim’s meat processing factory suggested their workers to sign a supplementary agreement to their contract.

According to the agreement, some workers will be totally deprived of the benefits for the harmful or dangerous labour conditions, and others will see those significantly decreased, onliner.by reports.

The workers of the factory were disturbed with the administration’s actions. According to the labour legislation, an employer must inform workers about planned changes to a labour contract a month in advance. This was not done and the agreement is about to enter in force at previous date, since additional agreements to the contracts were handed out to workers on the 20-ies of January 2013 and they did not have a date on them. The document states that the agreement enters into force starting from 29 December 2012.

Journalist tried to find out why the workers of the meat processing factory are seeing the benefits cuts accompanied with the violation of the labour legislation from the director of the factory Viachaslau Naruta.

- Another attestation of the workers took place at the enterprise. According to its results, the harmfulness of the works has decreased, - the director explained the reason for the cuts.

- Why was the additional agreement given to the workers only in the 20-ies of January whereas it had entered in force on 29 December?

- I do not know yet, what to tell you, - Viachaslau Naruta responded to that.