19 January 2018, Friday, 6:36

Investigation of Zakharanka’s case extended again

The relatives of the former Minister of Interior of Belarus will be additionally notified.

- Another notification on the course of the investigation of the criminal case of the disappearance of the former Minister of Interior of Belarus Yury Zakharanka came from the Investigatory Committee, - a member of the public commission, dealing with the cases of the disappeared politicians, Raisa Mikhailouskaya told Salidarnasts. – It was signed by an investigator Yury Varauka. The document provides that the term of the investigation of the criminal case is extended until March 24 of the current year. Apart from that, there is a note that the relatives of Zakharanka will be additionally notified.

The human rights activist notes, that in almost 14 years that have passed since Zakharanka’s disappearance, it is already the 35th reply beside the point of that kind.

- The main problem is that the cases of the disappearance of Belarusian politicians are not actually being investigated. The evidence to that is more than obvious: not a single motion, submitted by independent lawyers, about attachment of some documents or information to the case was approved. These cases have long been investigated on the operational level, but they have never been submitted to court.

The interlocutor is sure that the incumbent Belarusian authorities are not interested in an objective investigation of the criminal cases of the disappearances of Yury Zakharanka, Viktar Hanchar, Anatol Krasouski and Dzmitry Zavadski.

- Cases of disappearances of people have terms of expiration, - Raisa Mikhailouskaya reminds. – Such cases may be sent to archives in 15 years after they were initiated. In the case of Zakharanka, the term expires in autumn next year. That is why the main goal of independent Belarusian lawyers is now to achieve the requalification of the cases of the disappeared oppositions to be the subject of the article 128 of the Criminal Code (Crimes against humanity). Such cases do not have a term of expiration.