17 January 2018, Wednesday, 10:14

Smokers and alcoholics to pay for healthcare services

Tozik proposed that smokers and alcohol addicts should pay compensation for treatment.

It's necessary to explain to people that everyone must look after own health. The media, the Healthcare Ministry and the Ministry of Culture should be involved, deputy prime minister Anatoly Tozik said at a meeting of the board of the Healthcare Ministry on January 30, BelaPAN news agency reports.

“We cannot persuade our people that looking after own health is a duty of everyone. Our people think it is a duty of a doctor. On the contrary, everyone must think about his or her health and doctor must help if something happens,” Tozik says.

He expressed a hope that amendments to the law on healthcare would be taken soon obliging drunk people applying for medical aid to compensate treatment costs.

“Every sixth person arrives in a hospital in a drunken state. Many people told me that they have to wait in the receiving ward until all drunk patients on stretchers with head injuries and fractures receive aid. I hope the parliament will support our proposal: if you get in a hospital for that reason [alcohol intoxication – BelaPAN], you must pay for treatment in full. I hope a regulation will be adopted providing for a doctor's certificate for the first six days and 50% pay for the next six days,” the deputy prime minister said.

Tozik also proposed that the smokers and patients with smoking-related diseases should compensate for treatment.